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A collection of some of my favorite animations that I’ve programmed.

Toot the Turtle takes the Toilet Tunnel

Pictures and videos of me and Mary making our game! We spent six months designing and building this “alt-control” video game, which we showed at the NYU Game Center Showcase, and which lived at Babycastles for their exhibition Ribbit’s Frog World (Summer 2019). You can read more about the game here. If you’re looking for a good primer on real-time tracking of light-emitting objects, James has a great post. Or feel free to reach out to me!

Plotter Tic-Tac-Toe (video)

Collaborated with John T. to build a tic-tac-toe game that uses a 1980s pen-plotter as an interface. Mounted a Playstation Eye above the plotter, and used C++, OpenCV, and embedded Lua runtime (for minimax decision algorithm) to pass HPGL instructions to pen-plotter over serial. Code here.

Computer Plinko

Physics-y browser-based game I made with Alejandra inspired by Plinko. Use right and left arrow keys to move the ball, the space key to release the ball, and the mouse to place triangular pegs.

RC Maze

I made the Recurse Center’s logo into a maze using C++. Code and documentation here. Official solution now available here. Congrats to the winners of my maze-solving competition: Louis K. who solved the maze algorithmically using Go, and Louis H. who solved it the old-fashioned way.

Being Kim K

Mary and I scraped thousands of comments from Kim Kardashian’s Instagram and made them into this virtual reality experience. WebGL version (inferior to Rift build) is what’s linked.

Resistance Water

In 2017 I founded and served as the CEO of a bottled water company designed to fundamentally disrupt and upend the hydration industry through a content driven, vertically integrated brand campaign. Ask me IRL for the secret audio recording of my Shark Tank audition.

Plague Archive

I worked with The Conservation Department of Elmer Holmes Bobst Library to digitize every issue of The Plague (my college comedy magazine) that was published since 1977.